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10 Things I Love About London’s Fitness Scene

London is loving fitness right now, and I’m loving London. Why? Here’s why…

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Enthusiasm – The attendance in my early morning classes never ceases to amaze me! When I’m up at the crack of dawn and on the tube at 5am, the only other people around me are bleary eyed builders and people in sportswear.

Spotting Yoga Mats Around Town – One thing that struck me in New York is that you see women (and men) with yoga mats everywhere! This is partly due to the fact that most studios charge to hire a mat in NYC, something that, thankfully doesn’t happen here. I like to use my own so whenever I spot a fellow mat-carrier in London, it always makes me smile, you know someone has scheduled some ‘mat time’ into their day.

So Stylish – London style has always been up there in terms of fashion stakes, but fit fashion is starting to make a statement too! With trusty Nike, Sweaty Betty, Reebok and Adidas raising their game in terms of style and appeal, and relative newbies Lululemon and Fabletics upping the stakes significantly, it’s no wonder women are feeling empowered to get into the gym. Call it cliché, or vain, but I always think that good kit makes for a better workout!

Free Classes – Talking of fabulous kit, most of these brands have free in-store workouts too! Shopping and sweating? Sounds like my cuppa tea. Simply pop into Lulu, SB, Nike or Reebok and staff will happily tell you about their clubs. I teach one of the free SB classes, and it has such a great community feel to it.

Architecture for Running – I’m not a runner. At all. But even I can appreciate that London must be awesome to run in. I ogle the instagram accounts of bloggers like Charlie (The Runner Beans), Zoe (London & Me) and many others as they snap the sights on their runs. I’ve lived in London 10 years, but the sights still have the awe factor for me.

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Event Variety – London is waking up to the fact that, right now, wellness sells. Events, launches and fashion shows don’t need to be about wellness to incorporate it, giving Londoners more chances to become fitter and healthier, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Not to mention London’s very own fitness festival Be:Fit London!

Exciting British Brands – Aside from the usual you all know (nothing wrong with them, I wear them regularly), I love discovering new British sportswear brands. From Lexie Sport to Striders Edge, Bella Kinesis to Lucas Hugh, Brits are leading the way in stylish, functional and desirable kit…and that’s just naming a few!

There’s Always Something New – Yoga in the Shard, doga, Voga, bounce, aerial, pole, hoop, barre, crossfit – you name it, London probably has it, or it will soon. Never get bored with your training, there’s always something new to discover.

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Inspiration from Londoners – I think the London Olympics started this, but it continues. Picture this: it’s 5am, I’m waiting for a bus, and it’s cold. In a flash of fluro, a runner skips past me, notching up their pre-work miles. During my classes I see women of all shapes and sizes sweating it out. A quick hop onto social media, and I’ll find bloggers, friends and strangers achieving PBs, handstands, balances, medals and goals. It doesn’t get more inspiring than that.

ClassPass – Finally, my favourite new toy. ClassPass! Having only just launched here, this has Londoners talking. With more than 100 studios to choose from, so many different types of class, and special introductory offers, there’s no excuse not to work on that summer body right now!

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So there you have it, my love affair with the London fitness scene is definitely in full swing. Did I miss anything?

What do you think?

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