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Beat the Bounce with Chantelle

Ladies, did you know that your breast can bounce up to 21cm during exercise? And that they bounce just as much whether you’re slow jogging or sprinting full speed? Oh and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a AA or FF, more than half of women experience breast pain while exercising.

I don’t need to tell you how important breast health is, but it’s not only about checking your boobs for lumps or changes, it’s about looking after them in every day life, from getting a properly fitted normal bra, to a properly supportive sports bra. If you’re sitting there thinking ‘It’s ok, I don’t run’ then you couldn’t be more wrong. Any thing that involves bouncing, twisting, changes of direction, running or jogging results in not only breast movement up and down, but also side to side, in and out, and in a figure-of-eight motion. This strains and ultimately damages the Cooper’s ligaments that surround breast tissue, and can ultimately lead to permanent breast damage. Not what we want girls!

sports bra, breast health, chantelle

Babs, Elle and I keeping our ‘girls’ in check.

I admit to previously having been one of those girls that doesn’t really think much about the supportiveness of their sports bra. I mostly do yoga or barre, and in my days as a dancer, low backed, intricately strapped leotards were all the rage, and you only wore a sports bra under your leotard if you were bigger-boobed, which I am definitely not. In recent months however, I’ve taught the occasional HIIT class, started boxing and adding extra cardio to my fitness regime, and that’s made me think a lot more about my choice of support. Then the lingerie brand Chantelle got in touch about their new sports bra and offered me a fitting and to put their bra to the ultimate test in a trampoline fitness class, talk about timing!

Firstly, Chantelle set me up with a bra fitting, something I’ve not had in at least 10 years. I’ve worn the same size for pretty much all my adult life, so it was a bit of a shock when I was measured to be one back size smaller, and 2 cup sizes bigger! Never-the-less, on the initial try, the sports bra felt nice and secure and I couldn’t wait to give it a test run….or should I say, test jump.

sports bra, breast health, trampoline

So, along with some fellow fitness bloggers, I headed to Slice Fitness in Fulham for a Rebound session to put Chantelle’s sports bra to the ultimate test; trampolining! We subjected the bra to 45 minutes of almost continuous bouncing, and before I talk about the bra’s performance let’s just take a moment to say how AMAZING the class was! I’ve never sweated so much and had such a lot of fun at the same time.

sports bra, breast health, trampoline

On to the bra! I definitely felt supported and nothing moved out of place during the workout. The underwire is flexible and for someone who only wear soft sports bras, it didn’t restrict my movement. The padding is very light, so stops any sneaky nipples showing through without feeling heavy and like a push-up bra! You can either opt for a standard bra strap, or clip the straps together for a racer back. Available in C-cup 32-42, D/DD/E/F-cup 30-42 and FF-cup 30-40. I was doubtful there’d be a good size for me as my ‘standard’ size isn’t included there, but as I mentioned earlier, after a  proper measure, my size came up completely different!

OK ladies, my task for you is to 1: get measured! and 2: invest in a very decent sports bra. Your boobs with thank you for it!!

sports bra, breast health, chantelle

Thanks Chantelle, Slice and Reboud for a brilliant event!

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