The Reversible Revolution – Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty’s Reversible Revolution is here, and you can get two awesome looks for the price of one from leggings to bras and even a jacket! Reversible leggings have been in stores for years, and I’ve always loved them, but this season Sweaty Betty have really pulled out all this stops on their reversible range. Here are some of my favourites:sweaty betty, sportswear, fitness, yoga1. Iridescence – I love the subtle pattern on these, and the mesh panels are so flattering, SB always gets this right. A plain back on the reverse makes them super versatile too.

2. Euphoria – If you’re going for a striking pattern on both sides, these are the perfect choice for you. The bold, geometric print will make sure you stand out on the front row of your next yoga class!

3. Jelly Fish – There’s nothing more to say here. A jelly fish print. What more could you want?! You can get this print in a full length, 7/8 and a cute yoga short.

4. Jackie Reversible Embroidered Jacket – SB’s reversible range isn’t just about leggings, I’m lusting over this jacket! Embroidered with SBLDN on the beetle blue satin side, and a fluffy faux shearling on the other, it’d be a struggle to choose which to wear.

5. Strappy Yoga Bra – A pretty lilac on one side, and wear-with-anything black on the other, this will become a wardrobe staple for me. I hope they bring it out more colours!

With these reversible items, and lots more in the range, there are so many reasons to expand your workout wardrobe. Not that I ever need much convincing! Keep reminding yourself that you’re basically getting two for the price of one…and what’s not to love about that?

I am a Sweaty Betty ambassador and receive gifts/discounts throughout the year. All views  my own.

Sweaty Betty SS17 Wish List

Another season, another Sweaty Betty Wish List! With bold prints inspired by North African Nomads and Moroccan Souks, and with beautiful textures and styles, the Spring Summer collections from SB is stunning this year!

As always, I’ve got my eyes on so many things, mentally spent over and beyond my allocated Ambassador allowance, and can’t wait to be teaching in all these jewel-like colours and fabrics.

sweaty betty, wish list, ss17, sportswear, fitness

  1. Merino British Knit Escape Jumper – Although I wouldn’t wear it to teach, this lovely merino knit is stylish and easy to wear with both jeans and sportswear.
  2. Thermodynamic Run Leggings – Now I’ve started teaching a couple of classes outdoors, thermal leggings are a must! I love the bold geometric print of these, and the brushed fleece lining is seriously cosy.
  3. All Sport Tote – I do not need another bag. But this one’s such a gorgeous colour!!
  4. Hamsa Fashion Sweat – I love a Hamsa Hand. Since a visit to Tunisia in my early 20s, this symbol of protection has a certain pull for me. I love this sloppy sweater, it’s the sort of thing I’ll live in.
  5. Insulate Down Gilet – Again for training outside, this is something I can wear throughout the end of winter and into spring.
  6. Fleece Tech Workout Pullover – How stunning is this teal colour? With a high neck, and cosy fleece feel, I can imagine wearing this with the gilet above!
  7. Urdhva Reversible Yoga Leggings – Urdhva leggings are my favourite, I buy them every season. Being reversible, you get two pairs in one, and they are always super soft.
  8. Zero Gravity Run Leggings – You may have seen these appear on my instagram in a lovely black and red pattern, but I love these vibrant blue ones as well. SB’s infamous bum sculpting leggings, they hug everything in the right places.


Head to Sweaty Betty to check everything out, and let me know what’s on your wish list!

I am a Sweaty Betty Ambassador, and receive an allowance for clothing. I promote the brand as part of this role, however all opinions are my own.

Fit Footwear – SOLE Sport Flips

Who doesn’t love summer? Long evenings, weekend picnics, sleeveless dresses and flip flops. OK, the British summer is always short and sweet, but it doesn’t stop us all indulging in the above, and I’m just the same. But when it comes to flip flops, I am never satisfied. I’m always suffering with blisters between my toes, or across my stupidly high instep, rolling over my annoyingly weak ankles, and generally tripping over. Some flip flips are so flat make my shins hurt, and others are clumpy and heavy. sole sport flips, summer, flip flopsIn my quest to find comfy flip flops, the lovely folk at SOLE introduced me to their Cork Flips last year, and this year invited me to review their Sport Flips, I need safe, secure shoes I’m not going to fall over in, especially since my knee surgery, so I was happy to give them a go!

SOLE Sport Flips – £50 (some colours are on sale!)

These versatile, waterproof flip flops are perfect if you like long walks on your summer holidays. With a strong grip sole and shaped footbed, they’re supportive, comfy and perfect for walking along the beach, by the pool or through the park.

sole sport flips (3)

The Style

OK, they’re heavier than most ‘fashion’ flip flops, but right now, that works for me. I need to have foot support with my dodgy bones, and, well my feet aren’t the prettiest so they need some love, care and attention! They come in a variety of colours, I chose purple (of course) but you could go for anything from understated black, to baby blue or simply a flash of yellow.

sole sport flips (1)

The Comfort

A pair of flip flops that don’t give me blisters! The toe bar is fabric, and the strap is nicely cushioned against my instep. The beauty of these is that the sole moulds to the shape of your foot over time giving personalised comfort and orthopaedic support. Perfect for me, and for anyone who suffers from foot pain or joint impact issues. I actually find them softer than the Cork Flips I’ve got from last year, and I think I’ll wear these more.

sole sport flips (4)

I must be becoming sensible as I approach my 30s, because as much as I like my 5mm sole, totally unsupportive yet sparkly flip flops, I will certainly be taking my Sport Flips with me on my holiday later this year as well. Comfort is key when it comes to looking after my feet, because after all, they’re the only pair I’ve got!

SOLE kindly gifted me these in return for a review. All opinions my own, see disclaimer for more information.

Tempo Pilates X Lexie Sport

When it comes to leggings, I’m a little bit of a magpie. The brighter, or more patterned, the more I want them. Realistically, I don’t actually wear my highly patterned leggings a lot, as I don’t have a lot to go with them, however I do love them, and have certain classes or days that call for a crazy pair of leggings! My favourite brands are (apart from the standard Sweaty Betty and Lululemon) are Shadi Activewear, Vie Active (from ActiveinStyle), Onzie and the lovely Lexie Sport. I recently had a chance to browse through the whole Lexie range at Tempo Pilates East London studio.

Lexie Sport

I bought my first par of Lexie Sport Lake leggings last year and they’ve gotten me so many compliments since! The jewel like pattern on the leg and waistband is flattering and the fabric has a soft sheen without being ‘shiny lycra’ that reminds me of dance costumes from the 1990s. On me, they’re a low rise and fit snugly just underneath my hips and although they’re not compression, they hold everything in where they should!

lexie sport, lexie girl, fitness

When I spotted the new Francis leggings at a Tempo Pilates pop-up, I couldn’t tear myself away from them! Such a busy, kaleidoscope-like pattern on the whole leg, as opposed to just a stripe, risks accentuating problem areas, but I actually don’t find this! They’re just as flattering as my Lake leggings, and I think I love them even more. Slightly higher on the waistline than previous lines, the waistband is wider and more figure-hugging. Perfect if you’re a little waist-line conscious!

lexie sport, lexie girl, sportswear, fitness

TRX, lexie sport, lexie girl, fitness

Tempo Pilates

At the Tempo X Lexie pop-up, I got to try the Tempo Reformer class for the first time. Taught by head trainer Kate Hanlon, who I’ve actually known for years before we both entered the world of fitness, I really enjoyed the class. With an anatomical, methodical approach that’s still dynamic, and set to music, I liked it more than any other group reformer class I’ve tried in the past. Once my troublesome knee gets better, I’ll be back for sure!

tempo pilates, reformer, fitness

Sweaty Betty X Richard Nicoll

sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger

Last week Sweaty Betty invited me to the launch of their collaboration with designer Richard Nicoll, complete with a class at Central London studio Psycle. Being a spinning newbie, with just one class at Edge Cycle Bootcamp under my belt, combining another class and a sneaky look and the new SS15 line sounded like a perfect way to spend a chilly winter morning!

sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger

sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger

Firstly, the class at Psycle was awesome! Unlike my first attempt, I was clipped in to the bike with special cycling shoes which made the whole experience much more enjoyable. I felt I could put a lot more power through my legs, even with my current dodgy knee. Our instructor Rhian put so much emphasis on cycling to the beat, my 5,6,7,8 dancer’s brain loved it! Despite picking up heavy weights instead of light ones, I powered through and felt great after class. I might be becoming a convert!

sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger

The Sweaty Betty x Richard Nicoll range is the ultimate in sportluxe. Technical fabrics, unusual Japanese inspired patterns and superior design, the fitness elite of London and NYC will be flocking to buy this limited edition, 9-piece range. Not just to be looked at, the range features reflective components to be both fashionable and functional.

sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger

My favourite pieces included the sports bra (pictured below), the double layer vest (behind bra) and loose over-tee (pictured below).

sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger

The range will be available online, and in selected stores from February 2015, I can’t wait to spot some items on my clients.

sweaty betty, richard nicoll, psycle, fitness blogger

Post-Workout Sweaty Smile!

Also at this event were items from the standard SS15 range….excited much?! I love the look of the new range, inspired by butterflies and images from nature. It’s going to be a long wish list I think. Start saving your pennies now ladies!

What I Wear To Workout

A slightly different Workout Wednesday post today, focusing on my workout wardrobe!

It came to light recently on the #hbloggers twitter chat that the majority of us are obsessed with sportswear. I think I was ultimately named the fit kit guru and that I should start a personal sportswear shopper business!! It is a running joke in the studio I work in that I wear something new every time I come in….Well it’s not quite EVERY time.

what i wear to workout, sportswear, fitkit, fitness blogger

My tidy (for now) workout wardrobe.

So I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek into my workout wardrobe, which has had a little reorganisation as part of my house redecoration. I’ve managed to condense it all into this hanging storage shelving, which is quite an achievement!

There’s not one singular brand that I will covet, I love trying new and little known brands. Saying that, the majority of what I wear is Sweaty Betty, but that’s largely due to the fact I teach for the Muswell Hill store and receive vouchers in return for giving a free class. Not bad hey?! My current favourite items are:

what i wear to workout, sportswear, fitkit, fitness blogger, sweaty betty

Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Leggings & Asteya Top

Chandrasana Leggings: I’ve had these before and have just got the new AW14 pattern. Super soft, amazing pattern and completely opaque, what more could you want?

Asteya L/S Top: Perfect for warm-up when I’m teaching, or for a restorative yoga class. I love the drape of the fabric.

Another mainstream brand I wear a lot of is Lululemon…but only when my bank balance allows! Current faves:

what i wear to workout, sportswear, fitkit, fitness blogger, wunder unders, lululemon

Lululemon Wunder Unders

Wunder Under Leggings: Couldn’t resist this mismatch of patterns, wunder unders are pricey but I’ve found the quality and style to be great.

Seamless Tee: I get compliments on this colour every time I wear it.

Scuba Hoody: A complete impulse purchase with the FitMeet2014 girls, but I love how cosy it is.

what i wear to workout, sportswear, fitkit, fitness blogger, lululemon

Lululemon Seamless Tee & Scuba Hoody

I have plenty of one-off items from random brands too. I usually spot these on instagram or twitter and can’t resist a purchase!

what i wear to workout, sportswear, fitkit, fitness blogger

Lexie Sport & Vie Activewear

Lexie Sport Lake Leggings: Another item that gets me compliments every time I wear them. I am of course lusting for their new collection!

Vie Activewear: One of my latest wardrobe additions from ActiveinStyle, such a great print and an amazing fit.

what i wear to workout, sportswear, fitkit, fitness blogger

Teeki Leggings & Reebok Bra

Teeki Yoga Clothing: Made from recycled plastic bottles, they have some crazy patterns but I went for one of their more understated prints.

Reebok Cross Fit Bra: Love anything with unusual straps and Reebok have some lovely sportsbras right now.

I could name my favourites all day long! To be honest I love all my kit, otherwise I wouldn’t buy it. People might question why I spend so much on sportswear, but it’s my day job. No one would raise an eyebrow at someone spending £100s on a work wardrobe if they worked in a lawyers’ office or school, and the only difference with my work wear is that I sweat in it!!

I am in lycra literally 6 days a week, why shouldn’t I splurge on it?