The Wellness Gift Guide 2017

*Not a sponsored post, apart from being a Sweaty Betty ambassador, I have no connection to any of these brands.

It’s that time of year when your inbox is flooded with gift ideas….Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Teens, Gifts for Your Loved One etc etc. But what about gifts for the wellness warrior in your life? Be it your yoga bunny bestie, your personal trainer partner, or simply someone you know loves to look after their mind and body, everyone deserves a treat this Christmas.

I’ve actually not started my Christmas shopping yet, which is unlike me, so in order to give myself a little kick up the backside, I’ve compiled a little list of some ideas for you, ranging from stocking fillers to more extravagant surprises. Take a look, and get shopping!

Treats up to £75

Flo 260 Massage Bar – £7.99

gift guide, christmas, massage roller


Whether you want to admit it or not, rolling has so many benefits! For those who don’t love a foam roller, these handheld rollers are a great idea to get deep into those sore muscles. They might not thank you immediately (rolling is painful at times) but they will in the long run.


Kikki-K Wellbeing Diary – £21

gift guide, kikki-k, diary 2018, wellbeing


Not just dairy, but full of inspiration and prompts for a happy and healthy 2018.


S’well Bottle – from £25

gift guide, christmas, health, wellness


I am a massive fan of S’well bottles…I have two! Keeping cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, I have a traveller one for coffee and a bottle as above for water. They’re also completely leak proof and come in so many gorgeous designs!


Lululemon Run It Out Ear & Neck Warmer – £25 each

gift guide, lululemon, running, christmas


No-one likes cold ears, or a chill down their necks, so these Lulu warmers are a great idea for outdoor training. Buy one, or both for the matching set!


Sweaty Betty Gym Clutch – £35

sweaty betty, gift guide, gym, christmas


If you’re lucky enough to have a gym just a stones throw from where you live or work, you probably don’t need a huge gym bag to fill with unnecessary baggage. This little clutch from Sweaty Betty is perfect for your gym pass, keys, phone, headphones, purse and maybe a little deodorant for a post workout spritz. I love the colour, and if you are gymming it further afield, then you can simply sling this in your main gym bag to make sure you don’t forget your essentials!


Sweaty Betty Velvet Padded Bra – £45

sweaty betty, gift guide, christmas, luxe


I’m honestly not sure of the usefulness of a plush velvet sports bra, but I love it anyway! In fact, Sweaty Betty doesn’t even name this a ‘sports bra’ so I vote it gets worn underneath a fancy New Years Eve outfit for some comfort! Maybe this can be a treat for the lovely lady in your life?


Cowshed Knackered Cow Spa in a Box – £65

gift guide, cowshed, christmas


I don’t know any health and fitness person who doesn’t like a night of relaxation and indulgence. In fact, if you want to earn all the partner / sibling / bestie / housemate points, get home early, run them a bath with this gift pack and treat them to a calming pre-Christmas night in…..hmmmm can anyone do that for me?!?!


Indulgent gifts over £75

Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones – £85

gift guide, urbanears, christmas, music


If like me, you’re (ahem, or the person you’re buying for) constantly listening to music or a podcast in the gym or while running, then the new Urbanears wireless headphones are going to be right up their street. Foldable, and with 30 hours of wireless time, they’ll never be stuck with awful gym music again!


Fitbit Alta HR – £129.99

gift guide, christmas, fitbit, fitness


If chunky heart rate monitors aren’t your favourite thing, then the Fitbit Alta HR might be the best gift yet. The slimmest fitness tracker with heart rate technology, Fitbit have designed this in a range of attractive colours. Tracking exercise, sleep, heart rate and the usual steps etc. it’s a great gift for someone who’s either a fitness pro or just beginning their healthy journey.


Eastpak Stand Holdall – £200

gift guide, yoga, eastpak, christmas

(Emilie James / Eastpak)

Now this is a big indulgence, but since spotting it on the lovely Emilie’s instagram (@lovaine_james) I have been in love. Eastpak are moving with the times with this limited edition range, which also includes a gorgeous back pack. This weekend bag includes a yoga mat sling, making it the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. Not keen on the colour? It comes in a dark grey/black too.


The list could be endless, but I’ll stop there for now. Perhaps this will give you some ideas to share with your loved ones, or help you choose the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life. And hey…..don’t forget your LOVELY personal trainer….treats are ALWAYS welcome. As is chocolate.


*As I mentioned earlier, no brand has requested these items to be featured in this post. All views my own.





New Year, New Goals, New Plans

Here we are again at the beginning of a new year. Is life flying by at a scarily fast pace for everyone else? No? Just me then. This year I turn 30, and while I’m not being melodramatic about turning the big three-0, I am certainly feeling like some of my plans are coming from a more mature, more focused version of me.

happy new year, lifestyle, fitness, beachNow before I go on, I don’t subscribe to the ‘New Year, New You’ theory. What was wrong with you last year? Absolutely nothing. Be the same you, but plan to be even more awesome, even more driven, and even more like you.

happy new year, dance, lifestyle, fitness, beach

I’m not one for resolutions, but I do have a few plans for this year, both personally and professionally. Writing them down makes me more accountable, and even if I don’t achieve all of them, it doesn’t mean the year has been a failure, it usually means that life has gotten in the way.

Get My Motivation Back

I’ve struggled since last year’s surgery to really feel like ‘me’ again. Just in the last couple of months of 2015 I started to get that drive to get to class again and I want that to continue into the new year. I’ll continue with yoga of course, and as a creature of habit, you’ll be seeing me in Rocket Yoga and Hot Dynamic Yoga most often.

2016, yoga, fitness, nike

Most of all, I want to get my butt back in the air again. I was just getting into aerial yoga and aerial hoop before I got injured, and now that I think my knee has improved enough, I need to get back up there. I’m even toying with the idea of getting back into a ballet class. I miss dancing, and while the thought of leotard and tights leaves me cold, I would like to feel that old familiarity of a ballet class again.

I plan to…er…plan my weeks properly and schedule classes and gym sessions into my busy life. That way, there are no excuses.

Get My Nutrition Back On Track

This might seem like a bit of a cop-out. Doesn’t everyone vow to do this every year? Well, being honest, I’ve become pretty lazy, and I’m not sure why. I know I can cook nice nutritious, non-complicated things, yet I just stick to the same few things or rely on convenience. I see it on my face, in my skin, and in my general body shape. Time to sort it out! Am I dieting, no, but generally looking after myself with better nutrition.

Stick To My Happiness Planner

I quite often start these mindfulness challenges, diaries, and the like, but not complete them. This year I’m determined to make the first 100 days count with my Happiness Planner, mindfulness cards from Lululemon and #100happydays instagram challenge. Let’s see what happens!

happiness planner, lifestyle, fitness

Start Planning My Future

Maybe this is the ‘almost thirty-year-old’ in me speaking, but I feel I have some important decisions to make. I make it no secret that my ultimate goal is to have my own studio, and my Dad has kindly drawn up some business plans and financial projections for me (isn’t he a doll?). My main thoughts are – WHERE? My mind wavers between staying in London, the city I love, and moving away in order to not become bankrupt very soon. I think I have to make that decision this year as part of my future business plans and really think about how I make this crazy dream of mine come to fruition.

This doesn’t only mean working through business plans, but also sorting my personal finances (ARRGGHH) and planning any future training. Maybe, if I get planning properly in 2016, I can finally put more of a solid date on my own business venture. Who knows?!

Happy Birthday Dance Flow Lift

blog, blogiversary, fitness, lifestyle, yoga

Yes! A new year means that Dance Flow Lift is now 2! Do I have big plans for the blog? Not really, just to keep posting, keeping going to events, and keep connecting with you lovely people. Do I wish my blog was bigger, more established, award worthy? Yes, but as I always say, life takes over….and I’m happy with that.

So there you have it. They might not be big plans, but they’re just a few things I want to keep in my mind as we begin 2016. Here’s to a wonderful year full of fun, fitness, love and luck.

happy new year, fitness, lifestyle

My Winter Wish List

You’ve seen my Wellness Gift Guide, now it’s time for me to share what’s on my very own wish list this festive season. I’m lucky enough to have already received a Lululemon voucher from my wonderful boss, so taking that into account, here’s what I’m hoping Santa will bring me this year…I’ve been a good girl!

wish lost, christmas, lbloggers, lifestyle

1. Lululemon Passage To Prana Jumper
How cosy is this? I can imagine wearing this on Christmas Day visiting relatives or on Boxing Day tucking into leftovers. I love the wine colour (it even matches the bag above) and it’s firmly on my wish list. At £138 it’s most certainly a big treat.

2. Lululemon Follow Your Bliss Bag
I am constantly searching for the perfect bag, and short of designing one myself, I just keep buying them until I cover every possible scenario! I’m particularly after something that includes a yoga mat carrier, and can carry my laptop safely for those days where I need my entire life with me. This nice, roomy bag has a padded laptop pocket and loops for my yoga mat. Plus it’s smart enough for the days where I’m not head-to-toe in lycra. At £98, I’ve got my eye on it for when I spend my gift card!

3. Bose Soundlink Colour
A bluetooth speaker is really handy when it comes to teaching my non-studio clients. Going into a client’s house, I need to provide some music for the session, but not be carrying around something that weighs a tonne. This cute speaker comes in a range of colours and is £119.

4. Cuisinart Waffle Maker
As if my kitchen doesn’t have enough gadgets in it! I do love a waffle though and I think this Cuisinart one, at £54, would be perfect for making Sunday morning treats. Made with buckwheat and topped with fruit of course….not a jar of nutella in sight…hmm?

5. The Happiness Planner
Each year I try to keep a journal for gratitude or happiness but I never succeed. I lose my focus, forget to allow the extra 15 minutes at the start of my day and it ends up collecting dust in my room. This year is no different, I want to begin 2016 with The Happiness Planner and aim to keep up with it. Let’s see what happens! At £25, this is a little cheaper than some of the other books.

6. Topshop Midi Dress
Who said it all needed to be fitness related? My mum and I go to the ballet every Christmas, and have done since I was 6 or 7. I always try to find a new outfit for the occasion and, although unusual for me to choose orange, I love the style and colour of this dress.

So there you have my Winter Wish List! I’m ignoring the realistic option of admitting that I really need a new laptop…perhaps save that for my 30th Birthday Wish List in April!

What are you longing for under the tree this Christmas?

Fit Kit Blog Sale

I mentioned this on my social media channels last week seemed to be a popular idea, so I present to you my first ever blog sale!! I have a bit of an obsession (read: HUGE obsession) with sportswear, and sometimes I go a bit overboard. I also used to work for a well-known sportswear company, so have an excess of barely worn sportswear.

Easter weekend means spring cleaning time for me, so I cleared out some of my wardrobe and it’s up for sale.

Some guidelines:

  • First come, first served!
  • To buy, please comment below with the item(s) you’d like or email me on
  • Postage, regardless of how many items, £3 Royal Mail 1st class
  • Overseas postage to Europe only, POA
  • Sold as seen, no refunds (sorry, too complicated)
  • Payment by paypal only, I will email my payment details upon request

blog sale, fitness, fit kit, sportswear


Sweaty Betty Dance Capri – lightweight fabric, loose fit, zipper fastening – XS (would fit UK 8-10) – £10

Sweaty Betty Visama Yoga Capri – reversible, black on reverse, 3/4 length – S (would fit UK 8) – £10

Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Yoga Leggings – super soft fabric, full length – S (would fit UK 8-10) – £15

blog sale, fitness, fit kit, sportswearSweaty Betty Yoga Jacket – fitted, thin fabric, thumb holes – S (would fit UK 8) – £10

blog sale, fitness, fit kit, sportswearFat Face Activ88 – sweat wicking, actually v.dark navy, no hood – S (would fit UK 8-10) – £8

blog sale, fitness, fit kit, sportswear


Lexie Sport Tee – soft feel tee, black mesh on back – M (would fit UK 10-12) *only selling as I bought on a whim but it’s too big for me* – £10

Sweaty Betty Athlete Vest – long line, racer back, soft fabric – S (would fit UK 8-10) – £5

blog sale, fitness, fit kit, sportswearL-R

Sweaty Betty Run Tunic – nipped in at hips, extends below bum, sweat wicking – S (would fit UK 10) – £8

Sweaty Betty Yoga Cami – bamboo fabric, bra lining – S (would fit UK 8) – £5

blog sale, fitness, fit kit, sportswearL-R

Sweaty Betty Athlete Vest – grey marl, long line, racer back – S (would fit UK 8-10) – £5

Sweaty Betty Athlete Vest – fluro edging, long line, racer back – XS (would fit UK 6-8) – £5

blog sale, fitness, fit kit, sportswearClockwise from top left:

Sweaty Betty Compression Bra – medium impact – S (A-B cup, 32/34 back) – £3

Shock Absorber Plunge Bra – medium impact, side fastening – 32B –£5

Shock Absorber Run Bra – 2012 olympic colours, high impact – 34A (I am normally 32A) – £7

Lorna Jane Bra – low/medium impact – XS (A cup, 30/32 back) – £3

Happy Shopping!! Any questions or for more details, just ask!

Birthday Wish List!

Happy Birthday to me!! No, this is no April Fool, I turn 29 today! It wouldn’t be a birthday without a little wish list, so here’s what my ideal birthday list would consist of. Note: I definitely DON’T expect to get so many treats, I’d be a very lucky lady!

Lululemon ‘The Mat’ – I think I’m becoming a mat collector, I’m rather fussy and I hate the feeling of sliding around in class. The Lululemon mat is the best I’ve tried recently and I’d love to own one.

fitness blogger wish list lululemon

La Vie Boheme Mat – Oh look, another mat! These are just so beautiful, I’d probably never practice on it.

fitness blogger wish list

Lucas Hugh Core Performance Leggings – Amazing colour! For me, at £150 these are over budget for what I’d pay for leggings, but they’re so pretty!

fitness blogger wish list lucas hugh

SS15 Sweaty Betty – This could be a blog post of its own! The new season from SB is full of cute butterfly prints and summery colours. My favourites are these 3/4 Halasana Leggings, Patterned Athlete Vest and Breathe Yoga Vest.

fitness blogger wish list sweaty betty

Nike Dunk Sky Trainers – Comfortable, stylish and just cool. These I’ve ID’d with just a little bit of teal colouring.

fitness blogger wish list nike

GymTote Sophia – Such a beautiful and useful bag, a GymTote bag always features on my wish list. It has 20% off right now, but can I justify it? I’m just not sure!

fitness blogger wish list gymtote

Yogasphere Shard View Class – I keep seeing events and amazing photos from yoga classes from The View From The Shard, it looks incredible, and I’d love to go to a class up there!

yogasphere / viewfromtheshard

yogasphere / viewfromtheshard

Yoga Retreat – I’m genuinely looking at these for my 30th next year. Sun, sea, sand and yoga…what more could you want?!

Note: Since drafting this post, just two days ago…I’ve only gone and bought the Halasana leggings and Breathe Yoga Vest!

Here’s to another year being me, and another year of writing this blog, and generally living a fit, healthy life!!

A Yogi Shoot (photo heavy!)

Not long ago I was the lucky runner-up of That Squat Bot’s photoshoot competition! I loved the variety of Sarah’s own shoot with Andrew Wood Photography, so was excited to head to Manchester one very chilly afternoon in January and have my own.

I wanted a simple yoga photoshoot, no frills, and Kayleigh, my photographer was happy to let me twist my body into various shapes to get the best shot. Despite a slight mishap with my viewing session, the studio were kind enough to let me choose my favourite images via email back in London, instead of paying for a second trip to Manchester to see the photos. I chose my 10 favourite, and without further ado, here’s the result!

yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model

yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model

yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model yoga, photoshoot, yoga, fitness, model

Thanks Andrew Wood Photography, and thanks Sarah!

I’m wearing: Sweaty Betty, AloYoga (Yoga Rebel) and Tonic (ActiveinStyle).