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4 of my Favourite Super Smoothies

Apr. 11, 2017 by

I love a good smoothie, and will happily have one for breakfast, as a post-workout refuel, or as a liquid afternoon snack. Smoothies can help you increase your daily intake of fruit or vegetables, allow for a light meal on

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The Hypermobile Yogi – Classes

Jan. 30, 2017 by

Inspired by an article on Yoga International (shared by yoga teacher Adam Husler), I’ve decided to take a moment to show how having Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) affects me as a yogi. It’s been a long while since I shared ‘My Hypermobile Life’

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Sleep Hack Your Way to Better Recovery*

Oct. 18, 2016 by

Sponsored Post in Association with Leesa*  We all complain about being tired from time to time, but have you ever stopped to think about how your sleep is affecting your workouts, and your recovery from those workouts? I’ve teamed up

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Office Yoga with Furniture at Work*

Sep. 19, 2016 by

 How many hours a day do you spend sitting at your desk? Typically, do you move your body at all during your working day? If the answer is ‘No’, this is the post for you. It was reported recently that office workers

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Top Tips for Meditation and Mindfulness

Sep. 12, 2016 by

Meditation and mindfulness are particular buzz words in the wellness industry at the moment. In fact, it’s not just limited to health and yoga folk, but it’s seeping into the corporate world too, with companies finding that employees are more productive

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Choosing the Right Support

Aug. 12, 2016 by

Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes these days and, just as when you’re shopping for your ‘non sports bra’ (do people still wear those?!?!), walk into the underwear section of Sweaty Betty, Nike, Lululemon etc, and you’re greeted with