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Choosing the Right Support

Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes these days and, just as when you’re shopping for your ‘non sports bra’ (do people still wear those?!?!), walk into the underwear section of Sweaty Betty, Nike, Lululemon etc, and you’re greeted with various different styles and support levels. I’ve talked about why the wearing a supportive sports bra is super important before, so I won’t bore you with that again (check out the post here), but I do want to talk about the other levels of sports bra available.

Low Impact

Not all workouts need iron cladding for your girls, and something like yoga or pilates requires only a low impact bra. Usually made of soft elastic, cotton or even bamboo, they’re commonly adorned with spaghetti straps and perhaps just the most subtle padding. My favourite at the moment is the Shanti Padded Yoga Bra from Sweaty Betty. The intricate front straps make this beautiful enough to wear on its own for hot yoga, or under your favourite yoga vest.

sports bra, yoga, breast health, fitness

sporta bra, yoga, breast health, fitness

Medium Impact

Usually with a little more in terms of strapping and with more compression in their structure, medium impact sports bras are perfect for cycling, barre, reformer and even a ballet class. Shock Absorber recently launched their Zipped Plunge Bra, with a zip front and no clasp at the back. I love the pattern of this bra, and the genius of having a front zip is that if you’re doing any sort of mat work, you don’t have to deal with clasps and bits of metal digging in your back.

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Sweaty Betty’s medium impact offering is the Infinity Workout Bra. Great as a multi-sports bra, I’ll definitely be wearing this for teaching barre! I absolutely adore the intricate back and will be finding any occasion to wear a low back tee to show it off.

sports bra, breast health, fitness sports bra, breast health, fitness

High Impact

As mentioned in my previous sports bra post, high impact bras are essential for breast health in anything that involves running or jumping. I’ve found in the past that high impact bras can look a bit utilitarian, regardless of size, and was pleased to be able to try Chantelle’s latest sports bra release. With multi-way straps for even more support, it’s sturdy yet stylish.

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With such a lot of variety, you’ve got no excuse to not get your ‘girls’ properly supported! Choosing the correct support for your activity not only looks after your breast health, but makes for a more comfortable workout for you too! The feeling of unsupported boobs is not a fun one, painful, unhealthy, and potentially embarrassing…get the right bras ladies!!

Chantelle and Shock Absorber kindly gifted me with bras in return for a post. I am a Sweaty Betty Ambassador and promote the brand as part of this role. All words my own, see Disclaimer for more information.

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