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Cycling Tips For Winter

Cycling in the winter months is not the most pleasant thing in the world, think frozen fingers, numb toes and general sogginess. While these days I’m a slightly more fair-weathered cyclist, in the past, I’ve cycled throughout the year, regardless of the weather (OK maybe not in heavy snow, unless by accident).

This year, insurance company LV= put cycle safety at the top of their list, and have brought out these handy hints for staying safe through the darker months. Can you tick off everything on this checklist?

cycle safety


This applies all year round, but even more in winter when it seems to be dark for so many more hours. Using lights doesn’t just mean at night either, it’s just as important to light up on dim, foggy days.

cycle safety


Being cold on the bike is simply rubbish! Keeping out the wind by layering up is essential for keeping warm and healthy. Also, spare clothing is a must for when you get caught those sharp, icy showers you just cannot avoid! In addition to the points below, I’d consider investing in some ski-style base layers in deep winter. A tight layer to act as a second skin will work wonders.

cycle safetyCommon Sense.

It’s always worth pointing out some of the obvious things we all forget at times. If you’re in doubt on any of these, I’m sure you could pop into your local bike shop for some advice. Make sure your bike is in tip-top condition as winter sets in, numb fingers and a flat tyre is not a good combination. Don’t know how to change your inner tube or put your chain back on if it falls off? Learn NOW! You never know when you might need it.

cycle safety

For me, these two things go without saying. Opinion can be divided, but here’s my two cents.

Helmet = ALWAYS

Careless Cycling (inc. running red lights) = NEVER

Enjoy the crisp winter days of sunshine on your bike, and stay safe on the wet, blustery days. You can head to LV= for even more hints and tips of safe cycling.

I might not be cycling much this year, but I’ve been there. We’ve all been a human snow-cyclist….haven’t we?! The photo below happens when you cycle to the pub without checking the weather forecast, that all fell in one evening!


Yours Truly (not quite adhering to all the rules) Winter 2012 (I think)

Infographics courtesy of Liverpool Victoria




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