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From Barry’s to 1Rebel and now Best’s Bootcamp, a new high intensity studio seems to open up in London every other week these days! That’s not a bad thing, demand is obviously high and people love to have a choice and to try new things along their fitness journey. What makes these studios great is that each one has a team of specialist instructors primed and ready to kick Londoners’ butts, not to mention to increasing importance of having luxury changing facilities, making the pre-work, or lunchtime session more accessible to city workers.

bests bootcamp, bootcamp, fitness, london

The newest member of the bootcamp tribe is Best’s Bootcamp, nestled behind Charing Cross station. Being an area of London not known for having an array boutique fitness studios, Best’s have struck gold here with a great location and a fabulous studio space. Although I missed the blogger event, I had a chance to check it out for myself not long after it first opened. I not only had a quiet class….but there was just me and one other guy (incidentally, a personal trainer) in there! Talk about pressure. Did I push myself that bit further? Undoubtedly. Let’s just say it brought out my slightly competitive side.

bests bootcamp, bootcamp, fitness, london

The Workout

In a format becoming familiar in the London fitness scene, Best’s classes consist of combining floor drills with treadmill work; a double hit for strength training and cardio. If you know me as a blogger, you’ll know running is not something I can do, so I chose a double-floor option, more about that later. Best’s uses state of the art FreeMotion treadmills with preset speeds, so no faffing around with settings, just push a number and go. Not only that, but once you hit the floor, Instructor Cam streams what the trainer is asking of the group to various screens around the room. No more straining your neck to see what’s next, or trying to hear over the music, just gaze at a nearby screen, 3-2-1 and GO! Team that with music from their in-house DJ and high energy instructors, and you’ve got everything you need to hit your fitness goals.

bests bootcamp, bootcamp, fitness, london

As I mentioned, I did a double-floor class with just one other guy. My trainer was Rusty (in name, not in nature) who, after checking that I knew what I was getting in to with double-floor, happily put us through our paces, with no let up. Each day, although still a full body workout, has a certain focus, either Push & Abs, Pull & Abs, or Full Body. I went on a Pull & Abs day, and with this focus, we combined kettlebell drills, with weights, leg work and a killer ab series. 50 minutes later, I was spent, and looking forward to my pre-booked protein shake and cool, lavender scented towel.

The Space

Darkened room, flashing lights and thumping music, Best’s is no different from any other bootcamp studio. The changing area is equipped with everything you need to return to the world outside looking not too dishevelled, although nothing could help the bright red face of mine! A welcoming reception area greets you as you walk in, with friendly staff and some fitness apparel to nose through. Shakes and smoothies are available on request, and can be ready and waiting for when you emerge, jelly-legged, from the studio. It’s a great space and classes are filling up fast!

bests bootcamp, bootcamp, fitness, london

So if you fancy shaking up your week and getting some decent cardio in, give Best’s a try! There are various class packs to choose from, and you can take your first class for just £10 (normally £20). Give it a go, and let me know how you get on!

I tried a Best’s Bootcamp class for free thanks to Action PR. All photos courtesy of Action PR. All words my own, please see Disclaimer for more information.

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