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Fit Find – Edge Cycle Bootcamp

How do you get through the mid-week slump known as humpday? Extra shot in your coffee? Have your favourite dinner prepared? Lunchtime treat from Leon? Or a super intense morning workout to kick-start the day?

Now, being self-employed, days of the week have little significance to me. For example, while most of London is ‘T.G.I.F YEAH!!’ I’m heading to bed early for a 6am start and a full on Saturday morning of teaching (definitely not complaining though), and this week was a pretty busy one, hence the lack of an actual Workout Wednesday post. I did, however, in true Workout Wednesday style, get up with the larks on Wednesday morning and head to the City’s newest indoor cycling launch…Edge Cycle Bootcamp.

edge cycle bootcamp, spinning, cycling, workout

I will admit at this point that while I used to be a cycle commuter, I’ve not cycled in a while nor have I EVER taken part in an indoor cycling / spinning class. Safe to say, as I was taken through the bike set up, I was a teensy bit nervous.

edge cycle bootcamp, spinning, cycling, workout

Our instructor was Belinda, and with copious amounts of energy and enthusiasm, she took us through the 45 minute class. We began on the bike, warmed-up, climbed and sprinted before hopping onto our mats for bootcamp style plyometric / H.I.I.T exercises, both with and without weights. Think squats, pushups and of course, burpees. Then it was back on the bike for more climbing, and finally finishing on the mat.

I’m not gonna lie, I found the cycling HARD! I get lactic acid build up super quickly in my thighs, so had a lot to push through, but I did it! The bootcamp element on the floor was a welcome intermission and really helped to mix up the class.

edge cycle bootcamp, spinning, cycling, workout

And what a class it was! An intense 45 minutes flew by and there could be no doubt about how effective a workout it is. Edge Cycle Bootcamp can burn up to 1,000 calories per 45 minute class and incorporates the whole body. In true spin style, the music was blasting, the lights were down (glad no-one could see my pain face), and everyone pushed themselves to the limit.

Edge Cycle opened just recently near Holborn Circus, and with a large studio and state of the art bikes, you soon forget the outside world as the main lights switch off and the neon lights come on. Prices start from £15 a class with packages available.

edge cycle bootcamp, spinning, workout

The reception space is simple and open plan with lockers (bring a padlock) and all the staff were super-friendly…especially to a newbie like me! I would only say that the changing rooms could do with an extra shower or two, as I presume the majority would want to shower before heading into work after the morning classes.

A great experience. I love trying new things, and if you want to get your blood pumping and have a full-on workout, this could be right up your street.

Did I get a great workout? YES. Did I enjoy it? My face wouldn’t have shown it at the time, but yes. Did I feel at one point that I might see my breakfast? Errrrm….maybe….

Have you tried indoor cycling / spinning? Any amazing ones you recommend?

Entice Communications invited me to try Edge Cycle Bootcamp for free, but all opinions are my own. See disclaimer for details.

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