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Fit Footwear – SOLE Sport Flips

Who doesn’t love summer? Long evenings, weekend picnics, sleeveless dresses and flip flops. OK, the British summer is always short and sweet, but it doesn’t stop us all indulging in the above, and I’m just the same. But when it comes to flip flops, I am never satisfied. I’m always suffering with blisters between my toes, or across my stupidly high instep, rolling over my annoyingly weak ankles, and generally tripping over. Some flip flips are so flat make my shins hurt, and others are clumpy and heavy. sole sport flips, summer, flip flopsIn my quest to find comfy flip flops, the lovely folk at SOLE introduced me to their Cork Flips last year, and this year invited me to review their Sport Flips, I need safe, secure shoes I’m not going to fall over in, especially since my knee surgery, so I was happy to give them a go!

SOLE Sport Flips – £50 (some colours are on sale!)

These versatile, waterproof flip flops are perfect if you like long walks on your summer holidays. With a strong grip sole and shaped footbed, they’re supportive, comfy and perfect for walking along the beach, by the pool or through the park.

sole sport flips (3)

The Style

OK, they’re heavier than most ‘fashion’ flip flops, but right now, that works for me. I need to have foot support with my dodgy bones, and, well my feet aren’t the prettiest so they need some love, care and attention! They come in a variety of colours, I chose purple (of course) but you could go for anything from understated black, to baby blue or simply a flash of yellow.

sole sport flips (1)

The Comfort

A pair of flip flops that don’t give me blisters! The toe bar is fabric, and the strap is nicely cushioned against my instep. The beauty of these is that the sole moulds to the shape of your foot over time giving personalised comfort and orthopaedic support. Perfect for me, and for anyone who suffers from foot pain or joint impact issues. I actually find them softer than the Cork Flips I’ve got from last year, and I think I’ll wear these more.

sole sport flips (4)

I must be becoming sensible as I approach my 30s, because as much as I like my 5mm sole, totally unsupportive yet sparkly flip flops, I will certainly be taking my Sport Flips with me on my holiday later this year as well. Comfort is key when it comes to looking after my feet, because after all, they’re the only pair I’ve got!

SOLE kindly gifted me these in return for a review. All opinions my own, see disclaimer for more information.

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