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Fit Meet 2014!

I love the blogging community, and I love it even more when I get to meet bloggers away from their computer screens. This is exactly what I got to do last weekend, in gloriously sunny London with fellow fitness bloggers for #FitMeet2014!

The lovely Rhiannon over at The Barbelle organised a little get together for last Saturday, and after a morning of teaching, I made my way to Covent Garden to join the group. They had been lucky enough to get a class in at Gymbox before I arrived, a fun sounding workout called Rollin’ With My Homies….strength training plus foam rolling? Sounds like just my cuppa tea!

Battling with the tourists in Covent Garden is never fun, but beaming smiles from Rhi, Natalie (The Blonde Ethos), Cantara (Gymbags & Gladrags), Simon (The Diet Kitchen) and Christina (Fitness Magpie – just a brief hello/goodbye) made it all worthwhile. I definitely drew on my 10 year knowledge of London though, dodging the crowds with some sneaky backstreet shortcuts! We did get a chance to soak in the atmosphere though, with a little picnic right on Covent Garden Piazza.

Simon (The Diet Kitchen), Cantara (Gymbags & Gladrags), Rhi (The Barbelle), Natalie (The Blonde Ethos) & ME!

Simon (The Diet Kitchen), Cantara (Gymbags & Gladrags), Rhi (The Barbelle), Natalie (The Blonde Ethos) & ME!

Next up was shopping, and we had Lululemon, and our credit cards in sight. Boy did we shop! Simon had left us by that point but these girls are a seriously bad influence….OK I’m just as bad as them really. The staff at Lululemon are always super helpful and on hand to advise with style and sizes….oh and taking our obligatory photo outside.

FitMeet2014 (2)

I very happily treated myself to a bra, t-shirt and hoodie which I will cherish as I do with all my Lulu gear.

FitMeet2014 (1)

Next up was T.K.Maxx which is always handy for basic t-shirts, yoga bras and even, if you’re lucky, foam rollers, yoga bricks and other equipment. I managed to resist, and with that, I made my way home, more for fear of completely blowing my credit card than anything else.

After a mighty long, and slightly traumatic week, a Saturday spent meeting new friends was just what I needed. We realised we forgot to pop by the Benefit Pop-Up Gabbi’s Head pub, which I think means we need another meet up in the near-distant future!

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon! Hopefully see you all again very soon.

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