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Fly Flex Flow with Sweaty Betty

One thing I love about the fitness industry, is that I’ve not met a single person, or brand, who doesn’t believe that spreading the message of healthy living is the most important role the industry plays. Everyone knows that keeping fit can be a daunting and sometimes expensive prospect, so I love that so many sportswear shops now offer free workouts for their customers. One of these is Sweaty Betty, and this week, I tried their new Get Fit 4 Free campaign, Fly Flex Flow, created by Annie Foulds.

Annie Foulds, sweaty betty, SBFlyFlexFlow, workout, getfit4free

FLY – Outdoor interval running or indoor high intensity training sets
FLEX – Dynamic movement with weights, sculpting legs, arms, glutes and abdominals
FLOW – A short but sweet, dynamic yoga section to stretch and release the muscles

With such a well-rounded workout, I certainly got my sweat on and felt the benefits. Although not a runner, I didn’t mind the ‘fly’ interval running section as it was in quick bursts, although I imagine I’d prefer the indoor option (we braved the chilly evening and ran outside this week).

SBflyflexflow, sweaty betty, workout, getfit4free

The ‘flex’ section works the main muscle groups and interestingly only uses light weights, which starts off feeling fairly easy, but with repetition definitely builds in intensity. Finally, the ‘flow’ yoga section, though brief, includes a 5 minute relaxation and¬†stretches the muscles in a way that is so much more affective than a quick stretch at the end of a run or class.

SBflyflexflow, sweatybetty, workout, getfit4free

A great way of trying a variety of styles of training within one class, it’s going to be popular when it launches in store on 26th January. Fancy a sneak peek? Check out the video below and get yourself booked into your local Sweaty Betty as soon as you can!

SBflyflexflow, sweaty betty, workout, getfit4free

Thanks for the great class Sweaty Betty and for the treats from Honestly Healthy and Drink¬†Maple! We all had a great time, with some crazy photo taking, which actually deserves its own self-indulgent post…just for a laugh!

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  1. healthyontrend

    This sounds like a great idea and a brilliant way of switching up your workout. Any idea which stores it’s going to be in?


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