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Neom Organics Real Luxury Body Scrub

I don’t often get time for a nice bath. In fact, I’ve been living in my flat for more than 5 years and only just need two hands to count the amount of baths I’ve had. At a recent Neom Organics event, I took their Science of Scent test, and discovered that the scent I was most drawn to was Real Luxury – a unique blend of Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood. This is their ‘De-stress range’ … oh.

neom organics, real luxury, beauty, wellbeing

I was encouraged to spend just half an hour or even 20 minutes a day for myself, preferably in a bath and while this isn’t always practical when sometimes I get home from work at 9.30pm and have to get up at 5am the next day, it did make me think more about what I do with the free time I do have.

With a lovely gift of Neom Organics Real Luxury Body Scrub, I treated myself to a bath last week and I must say; it was one of the best baths I’ve ever had.

neom organics, real luxury body scrub, beauty, wellbeing

On opening the pot, the scrub and oils had separated, as is expected, but a quick (but gentle) stir was all it needed to even out. I then took a teaspoon sized amount of scrub to each of my elbows and knees, and a little more for my legs, shoulders, arms and back. Neom only uses the best blend of 24 essential oils in their De-stress range, and in such concentration that the effect of the oils on my skin was almost immediate. Firstly the scent was literally calming me down as I inhaled, and the scrub was smoothing over every piece of rough skin it found. Bliss.

neom organics, real luxury body scrub, beauty, wellbeing

Soaking in the bath with the remnants of the scrub was definitely ‘Real Luxury’ and when it came to rinsing myself down, it became clear how affective it had been. I’ve never felt such smooth skin! Without being oily, even after drying, my skin was moist, nourished and silky.

I might sound like I’m raving here, but I actually loved it. If you need an at home, spa style scrub, this is what you need. Also available in Great Day for a mood boost, you can choose how you wish to feel after you sink into your bath.

neom organics, real luxury, beauty, wellbeing

I’m a big fan of Neom Organics and learnt a whole load about the brand in their recent event. Expect to see more posts (perhaps a bit less gushy) as they launch their wellbeing campaign over the summer.

The Real Luxury Body Scrub was kindly gifted to me by Neom Organics, however all opinions are my own, I loved it that much. Please see disclaimer for more information.

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