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Plenty Of New…And Surgery Too!

How has your 2015 been? The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what’s been happening, and to plan for next year’s adventures.


2015 has been an odd one for me, it started with a fabulous new position at barrecore, opening up their Kensington studio as Lead Instructor. I loved the opportunity to take a more senior role, and opening a new studio was super exciting. Kensington is a gorgeous place to work with the palace and gardens nearby and, of course, Wholefoods Market just across the road. Guess where I spent most of my pay cheque?!

I also enjoyed an amazing Fit Trip to New York City!! Spending a week in my most favourite city, exploring the barre and yoga studios, as well as shopping of course, was just perfect. I’d do it again in a heartbeat….I even loved the cold and snow!

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Not long after my holiday, it became apparent that the aches and pains in my knee weren’t getting better and were becoming an issue. Teaching 18 classes a week, with 2 or 3 yoga classes on top of that, was not good for my body, and it took a lot for me to listen to it and start to slow down. After a period of time seeing a knee┬áspecialist, and my physio, it was soon established that my knee would need some serious intervention.

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This is where my year sort of went a bit pear shaped. CT scans shows that I not only had a Fat Pad Impingement in my knee, but that the cartilage underneath my kneecap was damaged, causing chondro-malacia patella. At first, my orthopaedic team tried a steroid injection in my knee (ouch) to try to reduce the swelling and pressure on my knee cap. After 3 months of gently testing the knee, it was decided that surgical intervention would be needed. I was booked in for a arthroscopy at the beginning of April, and prepared to take the summer off to recover.

Surgery was simple, but came with its own complications. I was to take 2 weeks of no exercise completely, then I was able to start gentle physio, and more importantly for my bank balance, take a few Private Training clients. After 8 weeks I started teaching again (more on the in a moment), 12 weeks I went to my first yoga class in 6 months, and now, 4 months later I back teaching and taking class almost as normal. I’ve had a couple of set-backs in my recovery, mainly because I’m trying to be quite highly functional and I have a tendency to push things a little too far…I’ll never learn.

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Getting back to teaching was exciting in two ways, one because it marked a stage in my recovery that was very positive, but also because I was opening yet another new studio for barrecore! I’d handed Kensington over to a colleague at the start of summer, and happily took on the new barrecoreHAMPSTEAD studio at the beginning of October. Cutting my journey time in half, spending my days in leafy Hampstead has been amazing. I love the new studio, the clients are lovely, and it’s a great area to work in.

I’m now back at yoga twice a week, my old favourite, Rocket Yoga, and I’ve found a new teacher who suits my style perfectly. Happy times for me!

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That’s my fitness year in a nutshell. In my personal life, it’s still me and the cat! The bigger news is that my dad re-married and moved to Portugal! I’m looking forward to some mini-breaks in his new home in the years to come.

I’m hoping that 2016 will being me less injury, more fitness and even more happiness, stay tuned for my 2016 plans very soon.

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