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Review | FlipBelt | No Bulk, No Bounce

How often (ladies) have you tucked your phone or ipod into your sports bra in the gym? I know I have, and have been subsequently greeted with a sweaty screen every time I try to change the song or check an email, and whilst the hidden pockets of some leggings are great for a key…they’re not so good for an iphone6. So when FlipBelt got in touch with their innovative, pocketed waistband, I jumped at the chance to try it.

flipbelt, fitness, gym, running

Made of a moisture-wicking, highly elasticated lycra, and available in a rainbow selection of colours, FlipBelt is designed to be as snug a your Lulu leggings and a convenient way to store your essentials. Good bye bulky pockets and phones in sportsbras!!

Photo: FlipBelt

Photo: FlipBelt

I’ve been using my FlipBelt at the gym in recent weeks, and it’s definitely come in handy for keeping my phone and locker key handy. I can pop my phone easily in one of the pockets, and slide it around inside until it fits snugly into a comfy position. If you’re a runner, there’s space for your phone, ID, headphones, and perhaps a gel or two. There’s even a small clip to keep your keys safe out on your daily run.

flipbelt, fitness, gym, running

Depending on where you like to keep a waistband will determine the size you go for. I like to feel it snug on my hips, so went for a Medium. If you wanted it on the narrow part of your waist, then go smaller, but FlipBelt has a handy size guide to help you out on that one. FlipBelt recommends to pop all your items in and then flip it over to conceal the pockets…but there is no right or wrong way to wear it!

flipbelt, fitness, gym, running

Photo: FlipBelt

So next time you hook your keys on your shoe laces, your phone gets sweaty inside your sports bra, or falls out of your pocket on the treadmill, take a look at FlipBelt!

FlipBelt kindly gifted me this product in return for a review, all words my own. See disclaimer for more information.

4 thoughts on “Review | FlipBelt | No Bulk, No Bounce

  1. Kirsty McManus

    Why did I not find this post 6 hours earlier? 🙁 I made the rookie mistake of tucking my phone into my sports bra for an absolutely brutal leg day. Cue water damage, would you believe it! I really need to invest in one of these.


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