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Review | LightStim for Pain

I’m not one for taking painkillers, I don’t like to mask the pain as there’s usually a reason for it, and it’s often a cue for me to listen to my body a bit more. But when it comes to having, and recovering from, any kind of surgery, it’s certainly advisable to take what you’re given in hospital. I don’t react well to morphine as it causes my oxygen saturation levels to drop, so while I can be given morphine in hospital, as long as my SATs are monitored, I am a bit limited when I’m at home.

Pain relief needn’t always be in pill form however, as there are various alternatives to your standard paracetamol or ibuprofen. From ultrasound and pain relieving gels, to steroid injections, and LED therapy, pain relief can be directed at specific areas and avoid the blanket digestion via the stomach and intestines. This is where LightStim comes in.

lightstim, pain, health, injury

Upon hearing that I was about to have knee surgery a few months ago, LightStim kindly sent me their pain relieving device. A revolutionary system of LED lights designed to provided target pain relief for joints and muscles, in a quick 10 minute session. Although probably not strong enough to immediately post-surgery, I was looking forward to seeing how it worked when I started physiotherapy and exercise again, knowing that I’d suffer aches and pains for a while to come.

The Science

If you’re intrigued as to how shining a light on your aches and pains could possibly work, you’re not alone, I wanted to find out the science behind it too. LEDs contain tiny computer chips that emit different wavelengths of lights to create unique therapeutic benefits. These wavelengths – light red, dark red, infrared and deep infrared – combine to increase blood circulation, thus reducing inflammation and receiving pain. LightStim can also aid healing, as an increase of blood circulation also means and increased amount of the blood cells that contain healing properties in the affected area. Approved by the FDA in America, LED light therapy has been thoroughly tested and provides a non-invasive, chemical-free alternative to pain relief.

lightstim, pain, health, injury

So, as I got myself back into gentle exercise and started to increase my teaching again, I started putting my LightStim to good use. A quick 10-minute session is all it needed before bed to prevent excessive stiffness and soreness the day after a workout or intense physio session. A little side effect I noticed was that it felt like the LED technology was warming my knee up from the inside, giving it a little internal blanket or bandage.This was probably from the increased blood flow, but it felt nice! I definitely felt the benefit of regular LED sessions as I put more work through my knee, and still use it now, 6 months post-surgery.

lightstim, pain, health, injury

If, like me, you’re prone to joint pain, arthritis, or muscular injury, investing in a LightStim might be beneficial for those little niggles. Personally, I don’t think it’s quite suitable for the treatment of acute injury, but for those aches and pains, perhaps from a chronic condition, it’s definitely a good idea! LightStim also has a product specifically for targeting acne, and wrinkles..! Working in the same way by stimulating blood flow, LightStim for Wrinkles is proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles….I’m intrigued (and tempted) by that too!

lightstim, pain, health, injury

LightStim kindly gifted me with this product, all words my own. Please see Disclaimer for more information.

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