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Review | Speedo

As I’ve gone through injury, and subsequent surgery recovery, swimming has always been my saviour. How else can you work almost all of your muscles, and cardio-vascular system, without any impact on the joints?! I am quite picky about my swimsuits as I swim lengths of varying speeds, and I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly needing to check where my swimsuit is!

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I’ve always been a fan of Speedo and recently tried one of their new swimsuits and a pair of goggles. I’ve only used Arena goggles in the past, so was interested to see how the Speedo ones fared. Again, as I swim mainly front crawl, water in the eyes mid-length is never good!

Whilst perhaps not always the most fashion forward, Speedo swimsuits are always highly technical in their design, and the most recent I tried is no different. With a neck high enough to keep everything safe and secure, but not so high it feels suffocating, it’s comfortable and supportive, especially with the shelf bra lining. I won’t name names, but one particular brand I’ve tried in the past almost resulted in embarrassment as the front gaped and flapped around as I swam!!!

swimming, speedo, fitness

With a nice racer back to allow full, unrestricted movement of the arms, and a mid-rise on the leg, it’s as flattering as a functional, sporty one-piece can be. One thing I will note about the Speedo range is that I usually need a size above what I’d normally take. I think this is because I’m on the tall side and have a bizarrely long body! But always best to try a range of sizes and styles if you can.

swimming, speedo, fitness

Now, as I mentioned, I’m quite fussy about my swimwear, and especially goggles. I wouldn’t ordinarily choose anything other than dark tinted goggles, so felt a bit self-conscious that everyone could see my googly eyes with the blue tint! However, they’re great if you prefer a brighter view when swimming. They didn’t get any water in, and are adjustable around the head for a perfect fit…what more could you ask from a pair of goggles?

swimming, speedo, fitness

Thanks to Alina for providing me with some nice new swimming kit, because I’m a creature of habit, I have been wearing the same two age-old swimsuits for rather a long time. I definitely needed a swimwear update!

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