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Review – Sudio Earphones

You only have to walk down a busy street in London and it seems that the majority of people have earphones in. Not only are they listening to their favourite tunes, but using them to make phone calls as well, and thus creating the generation of people who look like they’re talking to themselves. I’ve never been one of those people though, mainly because I never remember to charge my bluetooth earphones, and my normal ones don’t have a microphone. That’s all changed now however, thanks to Sudio and their Vasa earphones.

sudio sweden, earphones, review

I use earphones pretty much everyday to and from work. I’m often on a busy 6am train which always seems to be full of people who don’t blow their noses, so to block out the sounds of sniffing (vom), I prefer to listen to music instead. On my way home music helps me wind down and stops me from over-analysing moments from the day. Not forgetting of course, the need for music while working out in the gym!

A new pair of earphones is always welcome, so when Sudio offered some earphones for me to try, I gratefully accepted. My current set were cheap and not great quality, and my over the head ones good, but bulky.

sudio sweden, earphones, review

Arriving in a swish box, these crisp white earphones, with gorgeous rose gold detailing came complete with a wire clip, leather carry case, and ear buds in 5 different sizes. I straight away put one of my favourite songs on my phone and plugged them in. Sudio promised the best sound quality, and I can confirm it’s impressive. The sound is pristine, clear and full. I like a bit of bass in my jazz favourites and in rock classics, but hate when it sounds tinny, and these earphones did not disappoint.

sudio sweden, earphones, review

Being a bit of a Snapchat newbie, I’m not so comfortable walking down the street, arm outstretched, talking into my phone, so having earphones with a microphone makes that a bit easier for me. The mic quality is great, no complaints there, and they pick up outside noise such wind and cars a lot less than using no microphone at all. They also have the standard volume and pause/answer call buttons too.

I’m a big fan of these, the wire is thick and doesn’t get tangled even when I forget the case and throw them in my bag. I love the rose gold detailing too, it just makes them a bit different from the bog-standard set of earphones. The one thing I would say though is that using the small wire clip is recommended, as without it, the weight of the microphone flops around a bit, especially if you’re running.

sudio sweden, earphones, review

If you’re in need of a new set of earphones, I highly recommend Sudio! They not only do wired, but wireless too, in black, white, blue, pink. With so many earbud options, you’ll certainly find one that fits snugly and doesn’t fall out mid-workout. You can even use my special code danceflowlift15 for 15% discount! Check out the full range here.

I was given a complimentary pair of earphones in return for a review. All words my own, please see Disclaimer for more information.

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