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Who out there, male or female, found the gym intimidating when you first started training? Yup, thought so, my hand is raised too. Row upon row of cardio machines with complicated computer screens, torturous looking resistance apparatus with various attachments, and not to mention the grunts coming from the weight area. Yes, gyms can be an overwhelming space to walk in to, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s where Everyone Active comes in. Being one of the UK’s leading Sport and Leisure Management companies, their aim is to get as many people off their sofas and getting active as possible.

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Whilst we’d all love to be able to afford regular 1-to-1 personal training sessions, Everyone Active understands that this isn’t plausible for everyone. That’s why, after an introductory session with one of their Personal Training experts, you’ll be free to train by yourself, at a time that suits, using a tailor-made programme, created just for you.

Once you become a member of one of Everyone Active’s 140 gyms around the UK, you’ll be able to book in for a gym induction and discuss with a PT your personal goals and targets. With their help, you’ll be set up with a training programme to follow every time you come to the gym. Whether it’s training for a race, shaping up for a holiday, or simply gaining strength, they’ll have a programme to suit you. What’s great about Everyone Active’s plans, is that you don’t have to worry about remembering that dog-eared slip of paper each time you come to the gym, or digging around in a filing cabinet for your plan, simply download the Everyone Active app, log in, and see you training plan for the day. Complete with pictures, videos and descriptions of what to on each exercise, you’re good to go, but if you’re in any doubt, someone is always on hand to point you in the right direction.

everyone active, gym, leisure centre, fitness everyone active, gym, leisure centre, fitness everyone active, gym, leisure centre, fitness

Taking the fear out of going to the gym is so important for getting, and staying active. It’s so tempting to stick to those same few exercise you know and trust, but the body can get complacent, and that’s when plateaus start to occur. With Everyone Active’s app, you’ll not only find your own personalised plan, but you also have access to a library of videos, general training plans and group class bookings, to help you achieve your goals.

I’ve been checking out Everyone Active’s Central London location, the Marshall Street Leisure Centre recently, as you’ll have seen in my recent post about getting back to swimming. The gym, currently being refurbished, has everything you need to follow one of their programmes and trainers are nearby if you need them. As well as the 30m pool, there’s also a spa on site and separate changing rooms for wet and dry areas.

everyone active, gym, leisure centre, fitness

Head over to Marshall Street’s page for information on pricing, and to learn more about what Everyone Active has to offer.

I have been gifted a membership to Marshall Street Leisure Centre in return for this post. All opinions my own, see Disclaimer for more information.

Just Keep Swimming with Everyone Active

I’ve pretty much been able to swim since I could walk…ok, maybe a slight exaggeration…but I cannot remember a time in my life where I haven’t been able to swim. I was taken to regular swimming lessons as a child, and in addition to dancing, kept it up until I was a teenager. I even got my Life Saver award. I stopped for a while when dancing took over, but went back to my local pool for general lane swimming when I was 17. Once I moved to London, I didn’t swim for the longest time, as there wasn’t a decent pool close enough to me, and my uni budget didn’t stretch to an expensive gym chain.

When I moved to my current flat nearly 7 years ago, I started swimming again, partly for injury recovery, but also for a way to improve my cardio vascular strength. Although my swimming has been intermittent recently, it’s always the first thing I turn to post-injury, or for some non-impact cardio. Just recently I was offered a trail membership at Everyone Active, one of the UK’s leading Sport and Leisure Management company, and thought it a perfect chance to get back to swimming regularly again. I chose Marshall Street Leisure Centre off Carnaby Street as, in addition to a 30m pool, it has a fully equipped gym and son facilities as well, but more about those in another post.

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Credit: Everyone Active

So why is swimming so good for you?

  • It’s low impact – with your body weight supported by the water, it’s great for people who cannot do high impact work, be it for a chronic condition or a short term injury.
  • It’s great for cardio-vascular health – swimming raises the heart rate, improving the condition of the heart muscle and function of the lungs. Take it to a steady front crawl with little or no rest between lengths and you’re working on improving your endurance capabilities.
  • It works the whole body – even the most gentle of front crawls works your leg, arm, abdominal and back muscles.


What I hear most from people who can swim, but don’t add it to their fitness regime, is that it’s boring..and you’re right, it can be! I make my swims more interesting by changing up my strokes, and even having little competitions with myself.

What I’ll do in a typical 45 minute swim is:

  • 200 – 240m gentle front crawl warm up
  • 200 – 240m alternating front crawl & breast stroke
  • 100 – 120m legs only (using hand float)
  • 100 – 120m arms only (using a pull buoy)
  • Speed intervals trying to beat own time up to 250m
  • 250m – 300m alternating front crawl & breast stroke cool down

So in total it’s around 1,000m (1st distance in a 25m pool, 2nd distance in a 30m pool) and keeps things interesting!

I’ve really enjoyed swimming at Marshall Street Leisure Centre, it’s a 30m pool, as although there’s just 5m extra per length than what I’m used to, it makes a difference when counting laps. Mind you, on top of thinking about my strokes and technique, I then have to workout my 30 times table, and maths is not my strong point.

everyone active, swimming,leisure centre

Credit: Everyone Active

Leisure Centres used to get a bad name in terms of facilities and cleanliness, but it’s definitely not the case with Everyone Active. The pool and changing rooms are clean, with a separate wet changing room for the pool, and a dry changing room for the gym users. There are plenty of lockers, individual showers and changing spaces, plus GHD hairdryers for those of us who cannot let our post-swimming hair go au natural.

So get swimming and reap the benefits! With Everyone Active you can choose a swim only membership option which is a more affordable option on top of their already competitive prices. For more information, head to their website.

everyone active, swimming,leisure centre

Credit: Everyone Active