The Decathlon Blogger Community

When I’ve heard friends and bloggers talk about Decathlon, and when I’ve briefly popped into, or passed a store, I’ve assumed its for outdoorsy people and runners. How wrong I was! When I finally looked into the company, I found that not only is their company ethos ‘Making Sport Accessible For The Many’ but they stretch far beyond hiking and running. A multi-brand empire, they cater for all things gym, cycling, swimming, running, trekking and much more. So when I was then invited to be part of Decathlon’s Blogger Community, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the company, and also spread the word about what Decathlon has to offer.

As an introduction to the brand, and as a meet up for the Decathlon bloggers, I recently headed to their Canada Water HQ for an evening of sport and trivia. Aside from having a catch up with some of my favourite blogging buddies, and meeting new ones too, it was a chance for me to explore the Decathlon enterprise.

And what an enterprise it is! With stores in 40+ countries across the world, and 33 (and growing) in the UK, Decathlon has big ambitions for the future. Championing quality brands such as Domyos – for fitness, Quechua – for outdoors and camping, Tribord – for anything water based, and more, their strive for excellence and a wide range of options. As I mentioned before, their company ethos is all about making sport accessible, but they’re also innovative, having won numerous awards for their own products. These include Best Tent and Best Road Bike to name but a few.

The evening itself was a team circuit training session and sport quiz. Did we get competitive?? I’d be lying if I said no, but we’re all sporting people in one way shape or form, so perhaps that was to be expected. Fun times aside, the Decathlon Bloggers Community is as varied as the company itself (famously there are 350 different sports played among their staff), from me the yogi/PT, to marathon and ultra marathon bloggers, active travel and everything in between, check out the rest of the crew on Decathlon’s website.

Stay tuned as I share more about the brand and their products in the future. Thanks Decathlon for including me in your growing community, I can’t wait to get more involved!!







British 10k – A Spectator’s Point of View

Being a fitness blogger that doesn’t run, it’s not very often that I’m invited to take part in races, so when a lovely email came along from Virgin Sport British 10K, my first instinct was to decline politely as always, explaining that my joint condition doesn’t allow for high impact activities such as running. Then I got to thinking, my boyfriend is a very keen runner, having run half marathons and 10Ks in the past, and I’ve never actually been to watch a major race in London, so I suggested that he run in my place, and I write about my experiences as a race spectator…so that’s what we did!

virgin sport, british 10k, running

A Word on the Race

Now, even though I’m writing from a spectator’s point of view, it’d be a bit silly of to not mention Cyrus’s experience at all! So here’s a little insight into his race, and how we found the whole process from start to finish line.

Pre-race, Cyrus’s had a rather early wake-up call, being in one of the earliest start pens. We headed into a very empty Central London, spotting other runners on the tube, race numbers at the ready, bleary-eyed supporters clutching coffee cups as they gave up their Sunday mornings to watch their loved ones run around Westminster (I was one of them too).

As we got closer to the bag drop area, things started to get busier, but everything was clearly sign posted, with specific areas for dropping belongings relating to race number. As I understand from other bloggers who have done these races, the long toilet queues are inevitable, but staff were on hand to helpfully move people to other queues that were shorter, and everyone seemed fairly jovial despite the early start.

During the race, Cyrus reported a decent number of water stations, essential considering it was 25 degrees and getting warmer by 9am, and a clearly marked route taking in some of the great London scenery.

virgin sport, british 10k, running

From the Sidelines

After dropping Cyrus off at blogger hospitality, I made my way to the main spectator area at Trafalgar Square. An hour or so before the race was due to start, it was still largely empty save the entertainment sound check, a couple of early bird charity cheering stations being set up, and one or two faithful family members setting up camp with coffee and bacon sandwiches….yep, that was me too!

Virgin Sport had set up Fan Zones, with a nifty little route between each location to make seeing the runners at different stages easier for spectators – or ‘spectathletes’ as they like to call them. Complete with live music and entertainment, they made the day a fun-filled event for the whole family.

virgin sport, british 10k, running

My biggest fear, despite being right at the front of the fence, was that I’d miss seeing my other half running past. I had no idea how spread out runners would be, how the tracking would work, or even his exact starting time. The Virgin Sport App allowed me to select Cyrus’s race number, and those of some other blogging buddies I knew were running, and supposedly follow them on the app using their trackers. Unfortunately, both myself, and the girl I’d got chatting with next to me who was trying to track her husband, couldn’t connect properly to the trackers. They didn’t seem to activate properly until 5k, we were standing at 4k!

Whether our internet was a little sluggish, or the trackers were having trouble activating, all of the people I were following were reporting as ‘Waiting to Start’ and suddenly kicked to life around the 5k mark. We were waiting at 4k, and luckily I managed to sport Cyrus, purely by watching race numbers that were in the same starting pen letter as him, and by roughly knowing which pacer he’d be running with. After that, his tracker worked perfectly, allowing me to follow where he was on the route, and meet him after the finish line.

Despite this little glitch, being a spectathlete was great! Once the runners started going past, the crowds increased, cheering was abundant and everyone was having fun. Virgin Sport made it easy to negotiate the closed London roads with a special route for the spectathletes to follow. Getting back to the bag drop was simple, and the day was done!

virgin sport, british 10k, running

Many thanks to Virgin Sport for allowing Cyrus to take my place, and for a super fun race day. We were lucky that the weather played ball and provided us with a gorgeous, sunny morning and Cyrus ran a very respectable 46.55 minutes!! With his very cool new bling around his neck, we headed for a well deserved roast dinner and then home for a little nap. All in all, a Sunday well spent!

virgin sport, british 10k, running

If you’re thinking about entering a Virgin Sport event, go for it! And if you’re a spectator, do go along and enjoy the atmosphere, it’s very exciting when your loved one runs past. I was so excited to cheer for Cyrus, I forgot to take a photo!! Luckily, a free race photo captured his race perfectly.

Thank you Virgin Sport!

My boyfriend received a complimentary place in the British 10k in return for this post. All views my own, please see Disclaimer for more information.






News Flash – I’ve Been Running


This might not be blog worthy news for some of you, but it is for me. It’s been at least 6 months, maybe more, since I last laced up my super-cushioned Brooks.

With talk of marathons flooding my instagram and twitter feeds, and with Nike’s We Own The Night 10K looming, I thought it was about time I attempted to take up running again. Better late than never, right?!



Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not a runner, I’ll get into that later but you might be wondering why I decided We Own The Night would be a good idea. I can’t say it’s exactly what I would plan to do the day after I return home from a week in Majorca, however my lovely colleagues at barrecore are forming a little team, and I couldn’t be left out of that!

I’m not a runner for a few reasons. The first, and most absurd, of these is that I feel (and look) ridiculous. I run like a dancer!! I just can’t get a style it technique that feels right, and that’s that. More serious reasons are that my body doesn’t agree with running. Sometimes simply running for a bus can aggravate the severe shin splints I’ve had for 10 years and that I fight to keep from flaring up. I have Brooks Ravenna running shoes that have a lot of cushioning in to protect the joints, but I can still feel my shins ‘pinging’ each time I run. I stretch, ice, and drain my legs but I still have issues.


Today I decided to try running again but with a treadmill workout instead of hitting the pavement. 30 minutes of interval running later and I can feel the impact on my shins and ankles but I’m hoping that stretching and yoga will help.

Any running advice?! I’d love help with technique and style, I think I’m worse than Phoebe from FRIENDS!