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Top Tips For An Organised Life

How do you prioritise a busy life? Do you have a diary, lists, phone organiser or simply fly by the seat of your pants? I have taken on a whole load of extra work in the last couple of weeks, and I’m not going to lie, it’s all becoming a bit overwhelming!

This year I’m continuing with my normal teaching, writing my blog, helping out with the social media for barrecore and not to mention the most exciting thing, have opened a new barrecore studio in Kensington as the Leading Instructor! I also need to complete my nutrition course…oh and relax and have a social life. To some, it not sound like much, but this is probably the busiest I’ve ever been!

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So here are some of my plans to stay organised and on top of things.

Use a desk planner: I bought this way before Christmas when I thought I was getting ‘busy’ and actually haven’t used it much. I think it’s going to come in very handy now! It’s from my favourite stationery shop, Paperchase, and although each column is meant for different family members, it’s perfect for organising each aspect of my life. Once I settle into a routine, I will find time for everything.

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Back up, back up, back up: Most of my working life is documented in 3 different places; my paper diary, my iphone calendar and the online booking system the studio uses. Everything I do is in at least one, or sometimes all three of these systems and I cross-check them regularly.

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To do lists: I swear by them! From simple things like washing to do, meals to prepare, things I need to buy and emails I need to send, to essential work tasks, blog posts and photographs that need taking. The silly thing is, I often write lists but don’t always check things off! It’s the action of writing that acts as a good reminder for me.

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Plan rest time: This is so important. One of my colleagues reminded me the other day that just because there’s a blank space in your diary, doesn’t mean it has to be filled. I relish my days off and occasional long mornings in bed and it’s so important to allow time to rest and rejuvenate. Even if you have to actually write this in your schedule!

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Breathe: This is probably my most important point, and the one I’ve been telling myself all week. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It’s ok to need a break. When life seems to be throwing everything and the kitchen sink at you, take a step back and know that things will settle. Multi-tasking is great, but that’s also how mistakes can be made. Tackle one email, one booking, and one task at a time. Make a list in order of priority and slowly work through it. Be meticulous, but be kind to yourself too. The inbox will clear and the diary will be confirmed.

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Remember that being busy and stressed also probably means that you’re having a successful time, so enjoy. Appreciate the quiet, restful times too, because you don’t know when they might return!

Do you have any golden rules for organising your life?

What do you think?

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