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What’s In My Yoga Bag?

I make it no secret that I’m an avid new yogi, and you can read about my yogic beginnings here.

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I do some yoga practice at home when I have a spare 20 minutes or so, but there’s nothing I like more than heading to class for a full hour of yoga and a lovely 15 minutes of meditation to follow. I’ve never meditated at home, I think there are far too many distractions…including the cat!

So having done two previous What’s In My Bag posts, I thought it’d be fun to show you all what’s in my yoga bag! These essentials I will always take to yoga with me.

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Reebok Yoga Stripe Bag

Clever little bag this is! with two separate halves and straps to secure your mat in between the two, it’s perfect for carrying your mat and belongings with ease.

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Yoga Mad Travel Mat

I know most yoga studios provide mats these days, but having sore wrists and knees I like a bit of extra protection. There’s the element of hygiene too, especially for hot yoga. This mat is great for travelling (as the name suggests) as it folds easily. It can get a little slippery, but no more than a standard mat in my opinion, I sweat a lot.

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Microfibre Towel

Super absorbent, and can double as a studio mat cover if you don’t have your own mat too. As I mentioned, I sweat a lot and a towel that dries quickly is essential. I’m a fan of hot vinyasa flow yoga, so a shower is 100% needed after class!

Comfy Panties

Yep, I went there. No point doing yoga in panties that you’re going to be fiddling with instead of balancing perfectly in crow pose. Seamless and sweat wicking, these Lululemon ones do just the job, and they come in shorties or a thong too.

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Comfy Bra

Again, no point in relaxing in savasana with a clasp digging into your back! A natural fabric like bamboo is great for yoga, but if you like a bit more support, something like this Sweaty Betty Halasana Bra is comfortable, seamless and feminine too!


So important for yoga or hot yoga, hydrate!! I love nuun electrolytes, great flavours without all the nasty sugars. My SB water bottle is a decent size too, I make sure I get through at least two per day, if not more.

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Having allergies and sensitive skin, I’m wary of using studio provided shower gels etc. My lovely mum bought me some mini Cowshed products recently which went straight into my yoga bag!

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Hair Ties

Even with my new shorter hair, I need it off my face when I’m working out. These cute fabric elastic bands are quite popular now, but they’ve been on sale at the barrecore barreBazaar for ages! The colours are great and there’s always one around my wrist.

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So there you have it. A sneak look into my yoga bag. What are your yoga bag essentials?

4 thoughts on “What’s In My Yoga Bag?

  1. Katie G (@cakevscales)

    Ahhhhh I’m also a total cowshed girly! – I agree 100% with the comfortable underwear also, I like to feel like I can move freely during yoga and soft breathable fabrics in my clothing are a absolute must!
    So….my yoga bag is very similar! 🙂 xo

  2. Jenn

    I really want to get into doing Yoga at a class, (when my shoulder’s better anyway) it’s nice if I get up before Mason and do it, but you’re right, there’s lots of distractions and I never really feel the benefit of completely switching off.

    1. Natasha Post author

      Hey Jenn, it’s not easy to fit it in around life…but anything is better than nothing, so keep up with your occasional yoga sessions at home! You might find pilates better for your shoulder as it’s less balancing and putting pressure on arms/shoulders. xx

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